Brent's heart is to lead people into the presence of God,
where they will know they have had an encounter with the God of all creation.

Holy Spirit

"You will never be accepted until you have been rejected. You will never ascend until you descend. The promotion is proportional to the depth of the pit. Why? We must learn to die in to self in order to live for G-d. Every vestige of self-pity, self-promotion, self-righteousness, and self-serving must be removed so that we can truly really love and live freely for the L-rd. The lives of Joseph, Moses, and Messiah Yeshua all demonstrate this truth. How we respond on the way down and what we do when we get there will determine how far we will rise. Look up, believe, and trust in G-d for its time to start ascending!"-Rabbi Jason


The Gift of the Holy Spirit.

"... how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!" (11:13b)
Here Jesus uses the title "Father in heaven." But where we would expect Jesus to say that the Father gives good gifts to his children (as he does in Matthew 7:11), Jesus tells him that the Father will give them the Holy Spirit if they ask him. Wow! In the Old Testament the gift of the Spirit was sparse and sporadic. The Spirit was upon Moses and Samuel, upon Saul and David and the prophets. And one time the Spirit came upon the Seventy Elders who were to assist Moses. Moses says wistfully on that occasion, "I wish that all the Lord's people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit on them!" (Numbers 11:29). Moses' longing is answered in Jesus Christ who gives us his Spirit.


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Our Covenant family and we are apart of the leadership.  Dennis and Lynnie have a vision to plant seeds of revival wherever they go, through teaching, preaching, impartation, and through distribution of books, CDs and DVDs. They have a vision to see the whole body of Christ equipped to do the works of Jesus. This comes through developing the spiritual senses to catch the initiatives of heaven, and doing on earth as it is done in heaven. To see what the Father is doing and repeating it on earth. Jesus said, "I only do what I see my Father do." As the power of heaven invades earth, the blind see, the dead are raised, the demonic are delivered, miraculous provision comes, weather is changed, world events are impacted, and the lost are saved. The message is, "Help from heaven has come to earth!" As an army of believers is equipped to move in this way, we can impact the world for kingdom of God.

Prophetic Proclamation with Voice and Music.  Come Join us each Thursday Night as we invade the atmopshere with declarations and words to open the heavens.  We will open up our mouths and use our voices as the Father directs and like skilled surgeons we will invade 2nd Heaven and bring the Glory Down. It is time to pray and there is a new season of prayer urgency coming form the Father.  So let us invade 2nd heaven and displace the powers of darkness and establish the Heavenly purposes of God!
The Secret Place is a CD with over 1 hour of music to worship or soak to.  This is a spontaneous and un-rehearsed musical creation.  With musicians and singers who had never met until this day in January of 2009.  None of this music was practiced by anyone.  We did not even pick a key to start in until the very second we started.  This music was created on the spot.  By people who were looking to worship God and see if we could capture something special from Heaven.  I believe that was accomplished and caught on tape.  This has been a vision and a dream of mine to do this and now it is here.  We did not correct anything nothing has been altered all we did was mix it so you could here who was singing and make sure you could get the best experience in this music download as the people who created it.
Are you aware that over 50 % of the internet is of an adult nature.  Spoils of War is a place to saturate the internet with great things of God.  This is where you can share how God used you to touch another life. For example: If you lead someone to Jesus let us know so we can celebrate the greatest miracle of Salvation. If you prayed for some one and God healed them. Or just something Special that God did for you or through you. We all want to celebrate the great things God is doing.
God the Eternal Purpose is hidden inside each man and woman.  God is our eternal purpose. He is the reason for our very existence.  God placed the void that is inside each one of us there so we would see that nothing can ever fill that void but Him.  Our fleshly pursuits to try to use worldly things to fill that void only find themselves wanting and desiring a true filling. The Eternal Purpose "God" is all we will ever need.  I believe the day we stand before Him we will see what our purpose was the whole time and that was to know Him.  God's purpose is not set in some timepiece but it is an everlasting and an ever living destiny to know God and His fullness.  Do we have individual destinies? The answer to that question is yes but these are given to us to proclaim and experience Him to all mankind in every walk of life. The thing that is missing is an awareness and an acknowledgment of Him, our Eternal Purpose.  Being born on this earth our first purpose is to know Him in this limited timed dimension and to experience God in our moments of life that are a vapor.  We face the distractions and wiles of the flesh and the devil.  To break through this man made shell of flesh and sin and push through to our knowing that our purpose, our eternal purpose, is forever knowing Him. God the self-existent one had no creation. He is the creator. He always exists, unchanging, from before time until after it's end.  He is God before the day begins and He is God after the day ends.  I say it boldly and proclaim God " You are my Eternal Purpose."